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Airport Lease Applications
Thanks for your interest in leasing a hangar, shade hangar space or tie-down space from us!  Here's what you need to know about us and the process:

  • We rent box hangars, t-hangars, shade hangars and tie-down spaces to aircraft owners.
  • We are a non-profit public entity, regulated by the State of Florida and subject to its “Sunshine Laws” around transparency and open communication.  We are also regulated by the FAA and the Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Leases run from October 1st through September 30th (our fiscal year).  Leases and annual extensions are sent to tenants, signed and returned electronically.
  • An up to date cell phone number and email address is required at all times.
  • You must maintain a $1 million liability policy and name the Tri-County Airport as a named insured.
  • All leases and tenant compliance are subject to periodic as well as annual review.
  • Tenants must have at least one flyable aircraft in each hangar or space or pay a $200 per month surcharge (effective 1 October 2022).
  • Tenants with signed leases have the option to register their information with the Airport Manager, and to receive a discount on fuel purchases.
  • We receive payments via ACH, credit card and check.  (We do not accept cash.)  Credit card payments are charged an additional 3.5% service charge.
  • Past due accounts are subject to late fees, attorney’s fees, court fees and possible eviction as per Florida law.  Please refer to your lease for details.
  • Applications provided to us are reviewed and placed on file and in most cases, on to a waiting list.
  • We reserve the right to determine tenant eligibility based upon information provided.  However, we do not discriminate based upon age, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, race, religion, disability, veteran status or military status, any of our tenant selections, activities, operations and/or employment.

 We will be collecting information that will include information about you, your organization, aircraft, hours flown annually, date of last annual inspection, insurance carrier and pilot ratings.  As of this writing, there is a waiting list for hangars, but no waiting list for tie-downs.

A link to your lease application will be sent to you via email, which you complete for us electronically.  Ready to start the process?  Please call our Airport Manager at the number below or send us an email.


Tri-County Airport Authority

PO Box 756, Bonifay, FL 32425
1983 Tri-County Airport Road, Bonifay, FL 32425

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